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This growing list of resource types will help you unpack the standards, and provides a wealth of ideas, guidelines and classroom-ready activities to help you facilitate success for each student. You can view samples of the various resource types by downloading this booklet.

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  • Assessments This resource provides an array of sample assessment questions and styles for each standard. These assessment questions can be used to build your own assessments, or classroom activities and worksheets.
  • Supplements These resources are free of charge and include background information to aid teachers in understanding each standard, including grammar rules, sample word lists, and more.
  • Tools for Torah These activities culled from the acclaimed workbook series provide ready to use templates as well as ideas that can be adapted for practicing select standards in the classroom.
  • Classroom Activities This resource provides clear guidelines to go beyond worksheets in bringing the Chumash skills to life, including games, templates, graphic organizers, and other suggestions for teaching methods to use in your classroom.
  • Curriculum Maps Now you can search for your Parsha and Perek and find suggested Chumash skills to focus on in each unit, helping you plan your own curriculum and match skills to content.
  • Standards for Print You can download and print the complete Zekelman Standards for Chumash or choose to print your own grade only. You can also choose to narrow down your view to tables only and find a change log to help you update from previous editions.
  • Flashcards Designed in full color with child-friendly graphics, these flashcards will aid your students in reviewing the pronouns, parts of speech and verb forms, making Dikduk fun and easy!
  • Posters Print these colorful and child-friendly visual aids listing pronouns, parts of speech and verb forms to make Dikduk easy! You can download each file in poster size for your classroom wall, or binder size for each student.
  • Booklets Here you can find more extensive resources to aid you and your school in implementing various areas of the standards, including: a school deployment guide, beta version of standards for Talmud, and an introductory booklet for language skills that can be used in the classroom or for teacher training.
  • Veshinantam Activities Finally – complete, classroom-ready activities to bring Chumash learning to life! These structures engage higher order thinking and various learning styles through creative activities for each skill. Each comes with a teacher’s guide, templates and handouts, sample student work, and differentiated versions for various grades and levels of ability. 


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The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Klalei Rashi introduce a systematic approach to the study of Chumash with Rashi. (Original Hebrew excerpt.)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Klalei Rashi introduce a systematic approach to the study of Chumash with Rashi. (English version)

A list of the Chumash conventions with their explanations.

Which situations and texts should be compared and contrasted?

Key content for each פרשה from לך לך through ויחי.

A list of Hebrew terms and phrases that appear in the standards, per grade level that should be familiar with them.

A list of high frequency words appearing in ספר בראשית.

A guide to the content standards and supplements.

How to identify זכר, נקבה and יוצאים מן הכלל.

How the letters ה, ו, ב, כ, ל, מ appear in different scenarios.

A chart depicting the possessive pronomial suffixes.

Lists of all kinds of pronouns - subjective, objective, possessive and demonstrative.

Common ראשית תיבות found in רש"י.

Suggested vocabulary for teaching Rashi.

A suggested list of שמות עצם and other מילים to be mastered in each grade level.

A suggested list of שרשים to be mastered in each grade level.

A guide with visual aids to the טעמי המקרא and what they mean.

A suggested break-down for approaching how to teach Rashi.

What does the word את mean, and how do we teach it?

View the way verbs are conjugated in all 7 בנינים.

A list of vocabulary words appearing in order of their frequency in the חומש.

High frequency words from throughout the Chumash.

This supplement goes through the different reasons that Rashi might comment, explaining the categories of מה קשה לרש"י.

This graphic organizer depicts the different categories of מה קשה לרש"י.